Food Habits

Before starting a new “diet” or frantically counting calories, there are some habits surrounding food that you may benefit from.

Here we introduce some basic habits that will help you make better decisions about food while preserving your willpower.

  • Real food grows in the ground or has a mother.
  • Meal preparation is necessary.

Real food

Today what we call food would scare someone from the early 1900’s. We specifically distinguish between food-like substances (processed food) and real-food.

Some real food

Real food either grew in the ground, or had a mother. These include fish, chicken, red meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, rice, nuts, seeds, spices, etc.

Processed foods usually do not resemble their ingredients. Which part of the chicken is the nugget? These food like substances usually have long shelf lives, come in a box, and leaves you feeling sluggish.

If you do feel for something sweet, consider making it yourself. Forgive yourself for the occasional piece of dark chocolate though.

  • Stock your refrigerator with fresh food, not artificial food like substances
  • Do most of your shopping in the fresh foods sections
  • Prepare your meals. Good food takes time.

Meal preparation

Meal preparation can be challenging and seem overwhelming. It is easier than ever to avoid cooking by eating precooked meals, takeout, or (the dreaded) potato chips. The chances of eating something seductive increases when we do not have a readily available meal. That is why meal prep is necessary.

Sunflower seeds, homemade yogurt, and chickpea curry. A typical three course meal.

Meal preparation typically involves cooking for more than a single meal. This is familiar to most of us as unfinished Sunday lunch. There is an art to doing this full-time that enables you to save time, money, and stay healthy.

  • Cook every second day
  • Do not use plastic containers
  • Have a flexible menu (Seasonal, shop-able, large variety, satiating)
  • Get a water bottle
  • Fruit usually has little preparation and comes with disposable packaging