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SteedFit was founded by Clint and Simone Steed. We are a South African couple living in South Korea with our 1 year old son. Together we have more than 10 years of exercise experience which includes elements of Yoga, High-Intensity Interval Training, Cross Fit and Body-Building. On our individual fitness journeys we have shared common goals such as building more muscle mass, trimming the fat, improving strength and conditioning, assisting each other wherever possible. Simone is the primary coach and is passionate about helping others, especially women, reach their fitness goals and improve their relationship with food.

At SteedFit our mission is to show you how you can live a healthy and active lifestyle while achieving the goals that you set for yourself.  When you work with us we teach you the tools needed to achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle; there are no shortcuts, restrictions or radical approaches here. Most importantly, we offer emotional support throughout your journey. Whether you want to fit into your clothes better, build your strength or confidence or simply want better guidance as you start your fitness journey, our service will deliver results and an education to healthy living that will last a lifetime.

Ulsan, South Korea

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If you would like to make use of our service or simply have questions then do not hesitate to get in touch. Send us an email or invite us on Whatsapp and we will personally respond to you in 24 hours. When we get touch we can answer any further inquiries you may have and if you would like to go ahead then we can book a consultation. By getting in touch with us you are not obligating yourself to anything.

Hi, I'm Simone. I'll be the one helping you on your journey to a healthier self when you choose to work with us. Just like you I struggled to achieve my fitness goals. I was misguided by the vast and often contradicting information available and had no REAL understanding, or plan, of what I was doing. With little guidance I eventually developed an eating disorder and low self-esteem. All my efforts to attain my goals resulted in me withering away - the exact opposite of what I was striving for. I knew I deserved better so I took a BIG step back and pursued a Diploma in Personal Training. It was only when I began applying this education and training alongside my husband, did my vision come into fruition. As my lifestyle, experience & knowledge improved, I had a deep desire to want to help others who felt as misguided as I did - especially women. This desire strengthened after the birth of my son, since I understood how powerless most women felt when it came to regaining their health and fitness postpartum. That was the beginning of SteedFit. Our mission is to offer guidance and assurance so that you can focus on unlocking your greatest potential, exceeding your own boundaries and becoming the version of yourself you knew was there but had no idea how to access. All this while arming you with the education you need to transform your body, general health & fitness FOR LIFE. On my journey I found that when you have unyielding support and a well thought out plan of action, you begin to move mountains. I look forward to meeting and working with you towards your fitness goals.
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