Debbie, 55 

12 Week Difference: "Over the course of 12 weeks I have reduced my sugar intake and developed my strength and fitness, which has seen my body shape change too. The regular check-in's ensured that I stayed on track especially with the nutrition which was my weakness. I learned a lot during this 3 month program. It has given me the kick-start I needed to get my life back. Thank you!"


25 Week Difference: "I had just turned 55 and although I was not physically ill, with my current lifestyle I would have been heading for a tardy, mediocre quality, balance of life. I had mentioned this to Simone who had offered to assist me with her personal training skills, as I had failed many times to do it on my own. The program improved my nutrition and prioritized strength training, to build a more athletic shape. Not only do I feel awesome and healthy but I am looking better which is fantastic for my self-esteem. And...the journey has just begun."