It’s not your lack of effort that’s holding you back

The quest to a developing a stunningly fit physique is a long and slow journey. Clever marketing would like you to believe that taking some magic pill or gadget will get you to your dream body in a fraction of the time and effort. When we look at someone with an incredible body, often our immediate assumption is that they have great genetics or we credit some well marketed supplement. What we fail to acknowledge are the years of dedication, months of progression, weeks of preparation and days of accountability that that person committed to. All of which took time…lots and lots of time.

Just like a farmer wouldn’t pick a crop too soon, nor would you want a builder to cut corners when building your dream home just to meet an impractical deadline, expecting to lose ALL the weight you gained over 10 years in 30 days with the aid of some miracle supplement is unrealistic. Not to mention, unsustainable. If that were the case, then results would be mediocre at most. It seems so obvious yet so many make this mistake on their quest to a better body. Seeds aren’t sown and houses aren’t built without a plan. So relying solely on some gimmick and leaving it to chance is frankly a waste of your time and hard-earned money. This brings us to planning. We’ve all heard the phrase ” Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Yet so few apply it when choosing to improve THEIR health and fitness. The purpose of a plan ensures that you stay on track as the vision slowly comes into existence. Whether we are building a house or a business or our education, a plan keeps our patience in check since we know the order of steps that we must take to get to our desired outcome.

Well then how do we practice patience so that we can see our plan through to the end. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Track your progress: You cannot intelligently make educated decisions if you have no feedback about what you are doing. Tracking gives you insight as to whether the plan you are following is allowing you to progress towards your vision or not. To start with, track your weight and body measurements twice a month and take full-length photos of yourself weekly. For more detailed data, log your workouts and keep a daily food log for a few days at a time. Again, this seems like an obvious strategy, but most people simply avoid it so that they do not have to deal with the reality of their failure. In truth, when we witness the progress we are making on paper and by comparison, then we become more motivated to stick with or reassess our plan.
  2. Focus on other things: Do what you must then spend time on other hobbies or interests so that you avoid obsession. By constantly looking for faults you can potentially sabotage your current progress. Do what you must, trust the process and then do something non-related, like reading a book.
  3. Seek support: As mentioned, this is a long, slow journey and trying to go at it alone can lead to emotional instability. If you do not have a family member or friend striving towards the same goal, then find a community of people either online or in your neighborhood, or a personal trainer if you are by the means. Accountability, empathy and encouragement will mean more and get you to your end goal. When you have unyielding support then you will want to move mountains.
  4. Break down your big goal into smaller goals: Unrealistic expectations brings impatience. Rather decide on one thing you’d like to change that would bring you closer to your end goal, for example eating at a table without any devices to avoid over-eating. Implement it until it becomes a habit, then move onto the next change.

Anybody and everybody is deserving of reaching their desired physique or fitness level. Don’t think it is reserved for a select few. The difference is a plan that encourages progression while practicing patience all the way through. All. The way. Through. No expensive gimmicks needed. If you are embarking on a serious physical transformation and feel like you still look the same as you did when you started, don’t quit! Identify what you are doing wrong by asking yourself: Is my plan realistic? Am I patient with my progress? You now have some tools to help you be more patient and trusting of your plan if you find that you are not. Your efforts will come into fruition as all the small improvements begin compounding, I promise! Success is guaranteed to the persistent! Time is still on your side! Go out and build your dream physique.

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