Online with App

This is ideal for individuals that want to train at their own convenience. It includes accountability, and regular coach check-in's to help you succeed. Exercise routines can be performed at a gym or in the comfort of your home. The service includes the following:

Training Plan

Feature: Tailored to your fitness level and goals.

Benefit: Individualized to your needs, wants, limitations, and strengths.

Accountability Coaching

Feature: Your trainer will check in with your frequently, offering ongoing support, encouragement, and motivation via instant messaging.

Benefit: To ensure that you stay on track and sticking to your set plan even outside of your scheduled workouts.

Form Check

Feature: 2x20 minute live online instruction sessions to check your form for any exercise you're uncertain about. Can be used at any point in your journey.

Benefit: To ensure that you are performing the prescribed exercises correctly, effectively, and safely.

Fitness Assessment

Feature: Pre-program and Post-program fitness assessments done via live video call.

Benefit: To establish your baseline level of fitness so that the appropriate program and exercises can be prescribed for you.

Nutritional Support & Tracking

Feature: Nutritional guidance will be given that is specific to your areas of weakness.

Benefit: Improve your understanding of how food works for your body, and towards achieving your unique fitness goal.


Feature: Bi-monthly video check-in's via Google Meet.

Benefit: To show you your progress and discuss any concerns or address any questions.

Online Training App

Feature: Workout routines and checklists are uploaded here.

Benefit: Keeps all your data in one place and allows you to train conveniently.

Exercise Video Library

Feature: Accessed via the Training App

Benefit: Check how to perform any exercise at any time.


08 week program: R4000 (US$330)

12 week program: R5200 (US$450)

A 40-50% deposit should be paid upfront for either program. Thereafter payments can be made in installments until the end of the program. Extending your program is also possible. Price as of November 2021.

Additional Requirements

Body Scale: Tool to measure progress

Clothing tape measure: Tool to measure progress

Food scale: Means to measure food consumption

Exercise equipment (home-training only): Anything from resistance bands to free weights or TRX will be useful